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Hearing rehab

Marion nancy

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Other than all the apps and audio books anymore suggestions for rehabilitation.  Anyone use a speech therapist.  Getting a little dliscouraged.  

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@Marion nancy

Some parts of our journeys can be frustrating.  Hang in there.

Tell us which apps you have been using.

Also when you use audiobooks are you just listening and following with the text?

Which processor do you have?

How are you listening to the apps and audiobooks?

Do you have someone who will help you with some live voice training?

After we read your answers, we will offer other suggestions.

One last bit of questions....smile 

When were you activated?

When was your last MAPping appt?  Do you have another one scheduled?


Aural rehab sessions with a speech therapist who specializes in listening therapy for CI users is always great, if that is available in your area.

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4 month activated.

next mapping end April and then last at 1 year.

audiobooks.  Not using text.  Seem to understand

angel sound

ted talk 

netflix with roger pen and reading captions so I should not read lips.  Hear coach.

listening to news on tv without roger pen.

telephone talks

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@Marion nancy

Great aural rehab items.

What is it that you wish to improve hearing?

If we can understand what is causing you to feel discouraged at this point in your journey, we may have suggestions of things that helped us.

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