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I am new to this forum.  don't even know how does it operate.  My audiologist recommended me to write to this forum for getting answers of my questions.  I had  surgery on March 4th. for CI in left ear  I am currently waiting for my first appointment for programming in end of March.  The questions I have are listed below. I will appreciate if any one can respond these based on their past experience

 I feel as if I am losing my body balance while standing up or walking. Can not walk straight without hiting some thing in the way.  I did suffer Vertigo attack six years ago.  Not sure  but could it be because of only one ear is working that too with hearing aid.

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Welcome to HearPeers and congratulations on your CI surgery.  There is a topic on how to use this forum so check it out and ask any questions you have.  We are a friendly group.


Which processor did you choose?


Which CI center do you go to?  I go to NYEE in NYC.


I suggest you contact your CI team about your balance problem.  Some people benefit from vestibular therapy.  Hopefully they can help you get this back on track soon.


Wishing you the best.

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Welcome to HearPeers!

you will find this resource a terrific help along your journey into the CI world. 

We here are CI recipients and candidates like you. We have all experienced what you are dealing with and can answer almost any questions you have. 

Welcome again and best wishes to your. 


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