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MIC Cover Replacement

Dave in Pittsburgh

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Last week I replaced my mic covers on my Sonnets and it didn’t go well I removed the ear hook and then started the lift the mic cover and I notice the mic was lodge inside of the cover I push down on the cover and the mic went back in place so it seemed but when I went to put the new mic cover on it would not snap in place luckily I have a backup and I was to see my audiologists in a few days she say this happens occasionally the mic lifts out  its cover under warranty MED EL will send you a replacement .

So if this happens to anyone on don’t get all upset 😠 and scared 😱😡.Your audiologists or customer service rep from MED EL will come to your rescue.One more reason to travel with a backup processor if you are away from home 

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@Dave in Pittsburgh

The security of the actual mics on the Sonnets has been a problem for many people.  Uneven pressure when pushing up or pulling down the battery cover can cause that area to pull away from the housing.  When we were in Innsbruck, the Med-El repair department showed us a revised mic cover design for the Sonnet so that it will be much easier to replace mic covers.  It will not require removing the earhook so no more issues with the tiny pin.  I tried it on a demo and it is easier.  Med-El said we could mention that revised mic cover design.  I do not know when the US is going to get that revised mic cover design.  I hope soon.

Med-El has great customer service in the US and the 5 year warranty on activation kits AND upgrade kits is very much appreciated.

I am glad things worked out well for you.

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