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What and How to store equipment


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I have all of my accessories sitting on a shelf of my book case sitting next to my bed. Not the best idea since I have several cats. 

I wanted to find out what others do. I want to keep everything together; my chargers (total 6), dryer, roger pens, fine tuners, Artone 3 MAX and charger. 

There must be a better organized and safer way. Thanks for any ideas. 

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Hmmmm let’s see....

I have a three drawer storage case for all of my spare parts.  Each drawer can be pulled completely out and is covered and contains small sections.  Works great.  If there was an emergency, I could grab that handle and take everything with me quickly.

For the items I use everyday......

I charge 2 Artone neckloops in the kitchen close to where I keep my keys.

I prefer disposable batteries with my Sonnets so I do not have the rechargeable battery charger plugged in.

I use two separate dry kits, one for each processor and they are in the bedroom.

When at home, I keep the Fine Tuner near where I tend to use it.  

I do not use the Roger System.

I keep my spare processors in the Med-El travel cases on a dresser near one of the dry kits.  

I keep extra disposable batteries everywhere just in case but I swap out the batteries every other morning so I actually never encounter dead batteries at all.

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I have a wood box with drawers for almost everything, but my chargers for the Sonnet rechargeable batteries and the dry box that I'm currently using are on my bedside table.

Oh, and apparently today my Fine Tuner spent the morning on the driveway.  My husband found it there - I think it fell out of my pocket when I pulled my phone out.

Note to self;  don't DO that.

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