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My First Concert


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  • HearPeers Heroes

Hi everyone. 

I attended my first concert since getting my CI last year. It was a couple of local musicians as well as Air Supply. I decided to wear my Sonnet to this outdoor event. There were over 1500 people in attendance. 

Some of the performers I was hearing for the first time ever, so I wasn't acquainted with their music. The first one I could hardly make out the actual lyrics but I was able to make out the music. Maybe I couldn't make out the lyrics cos the performer had the mic so close to her mouth. 

Things got better with the male performers, and I recognised some tunes. 

When Air Supply came on they had some strong electric bass guitars that kinda drowned out the lyrics sometimes. And sometimes it took a while for me to figure out which song was being sung. 

I had to keep my Fine Tuner out and keep adjusting to see which setting I heard best in. I think Natural and Omni were best. 

When the MC and others on the platform spoke I heard them loud and clear. 

Note I was sitting maybe in row 30! I was pretty pleased how things went as this wouldn't have possible had I not had my CI. 

I just hope my audi can tweak things so next time the experience is even better!

What mic setting do you use for concerts? And what has been your experience? 

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Omni Mic setting for all music for me!  

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