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Most of us have seen the news today as Med-el launched the Sonnet 2.  I am guessing I will receive the Sonnet 1 as my activation is July 16th.  With the new Sonnet 2 does it not require another device to use Blue Tooth like the Rogers pen or Roger Select?  Is that the main difference with the new processor??    Anyone know?

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Congratulations on your upcoming activation.  

There are many differences between the Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2.  There is a lot of info on the Med-El International website about Sonnet 2.  I spent time today reading through it and watching the videos.  Really cool features.

Roger technology always requires both a transmitter (mic like the Roger Select or Roger Pen) and a Roger receiver (Sonnet 1 and 2 can use Roger 21 integrated receiver in a special battery cover or Roger X (02) three pin receiver plugged into the Sonnet 1 or Sonnet 2 FM battery cover or Roger MyLink neckloop receiver with the Sonnet 1 or Sonnet 2 on MT or T.

Both Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2 can use the new Med-El AudioLink which sends the audio signal to a built in special 2.4 receiver.

I am in the US and Sonnet 2 is not yet FDA approved.  I read online that Sonnet 2 is approved in Canada but have not seen a release date.  Your audiologist or Med-El rep would have the most current info about Sonnet 2’s availability in Canada.

Wishing you the best!  Activation and the first several months of listening with our CIs is so amazing.  Enjoy your journey.

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