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Mary Featherston

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That's us!  On Friday I had a dental appointment, and as my dentist is over an hour from my new job I didn't go to work at all - went to the dentist, had lunch with a friend, and then worked from home in the afternoon.  My friend and I had a nice lunch at a Thai place across the street from my dentist's office and then popped into this shop around the corner - it's all dog stuff, treats and toys and beds and whatnot.  We were buying dog treats when a woman there asked me about my CIs, and we ended up talking for almost half an hour.  She was a writer, doing some stuff on contract for Cochlear Americas and just kept asking questions!  And me, I talk, you know?

We talked about the rehab process and what it's been like to be a CI recipient.  I always like to have a chance to talk about what an amazing (but not necessarily easy) thing it is to be a CI recipient.

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That's nice, I do something of sorts over here in Adelaide.

My audiology Clinic schedule meetings along the year (3-4) something like that were they gather their patients and soon to be patients to different topics. I like to attend to give my part of the story and help people make decisions.

I'm always the youngest one, and it feels weird seeing all these oldies surrounding me :D 

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Hi @Daniel the Stranger!  Good to see you.  I'm far from the youngest when I go to the meetings like that, but yes, it's fun there too!

And I'm reminded now that I have to get the dog treats to my brother's dog.....

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