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Frequency of Mapping Sessions -London, Ontario, Canada


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I mentioned in a post back in August that the hospital where I was implanted ( London, Ontario) has a staff shortage of CI-trained audiologists. As a result, access between quarterly appointments (during first year after implementation) is pretty much impossible. If you aren't happy with your mapping, you have to wait for your next appointment. The shortage has become so severe, that my final quarterly session (one-year anniversary) has been pushed back three months due to one audiologist being unavailable. Thus it will be almost eight months after my last appointment for my next session. I am concerned that my mapping and progress with my CI is not optimal due to lack of support at this facility. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Sort of. One of my pre-set appointments was bumped earlier by two days, with giving me only a couple of days' notice. I tried to rebook because we had just come back from holidays and my husband couldn't be away from work but would have had to wait four months for a replacement appointment. So I had no choice but to take the bumped up appointment and a  friend came with me instead. Beyond that, I love this team.

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I had my last appointment in June with no problem.  Usually I book my next appointment while I’m there.  I only go yearly though and am from out of town.  I didn’t realize there was a shortage. 

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I had no issue with appointments. Was not even aware of the shortage. My appointments were on time or didn’t have to wait long. One time I showed up early, Katherine gone ahead and saw me earlier than planned appointment time. I had mentioned to secretary I was early and had a book with me and had no problem with waiting. An hour early due to Greyhound schedule being what it was. She said sometime Katherine can see someone early and that day she did. 

So I’m not sure what’s going on down in London but I was not aware of the shortage there. I told Katherine about the Greyhound and can only be there in the afternoon from noon to 3 pm latest. Last appointment in September I walked from downtown to hospital along the river and from there back to Greyhound. Long wait in between is why I walked instead of taking public buses. 

One year before implantation, I had 4 appointments on same day as I already did hearing test on same day as orientation, I bought Greyhound tickets 2 days before appointment date, next day they got cancelled. Due to flu. Wasn’t sure if I could money back so checked online, no refund so I went downtown to bus terminal and explained the situation to same lady who printed out tickets previous day. She extended the tickets 2 months. London hospital’s Christine Cook already knew of my situation with bus tickets and worked out the date for me a month later so well within 2 months of extended date. Was glad I didn’t have to pay for another tickets. 

This is a little tricky to write on with iPad. 

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