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Out of interest, can any one tell me or point me in the right direction for information regarding implanting a small cochlear?

 I'm pleased to be getting a CI for the left ear. Can't wait.

Are there size restrictions, problems? I'm just curious.



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Each brand of CI has a set of available electrode arrays.  It is important that the electrode array matches our unique cochleas.  My right cochlea was very complicated and my surgeon had chosen 3 different possible electrode arrays that were available to him for my surgery.  He used a test electrode device from Med-El to help choose the electrode array that matched my cochlea the best.

Since that time Med-El has introduced the OTOPLAN which makes a 3-D rendering of our unique cochleas based on pre-surgical imaging and enables the surgeon to choose the best electrode array prior to surgery.

Maybe ask your surgeon how he is choosing the electrode array for your cochlea and if an image will be taken during/after surgery to see the position of the array.  My surgeons used an X-ray during surgery and showed it to me at my post op appt.  very cool!

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