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Activated !!

Lori Martin

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Hi to here on hear peers

Well I managed to get through the holidays. I was told by my implant manager to try and boost my processor up to level two to get used to someo of my surrounding.

When I arrived at the function everything to me was so difficult to handle. So I was told to reduce my level back to one.

I could hear some of each voice during this time but not to the best of clearily.

They say this takes time and will be baby steps.

I was so extremely exhausted from all but managed to get through.

I am now back on level two with silence in the background.

I don't know if any of you also had a balance issue but I do and learning as I go.

I also had physical therapy whom asked if she could stay on board (absolutely.)

She found that the Crystals were doing better where my processor is attached, but needless to say they are stuck on the other side.

She calls this (BPPV) and I am most definitely working hard with all.

It's now s low key time for me until I go back to Boston Medical Center and to be reavaluated along with my new equipment that has arrived.


Hope all here on hear peers had a wonderful holiday season.


I believe the year 2020 will be ours!!

Thank you


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@Lori Martin

BPPV is quite common after CI surgery for some reason.  Hopefully PT will alleviate that soon.

Some people find it helpful to gradually make their environment nosier so it is not a shock when they are in noise.  When you are ready you can do this in your quiet home by turning on the TV and radio.  Or by spending time in a cafe where you can adjust the noise level with your remote.


Which new equipment arrived?

Brain fatigue is definitely something we all experience in the early weeks.  Hang in there.  It gets better!

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