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Hear Clip for Rondo 2


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Activated in December, and using Rondo 2.  I would like a more secure line and Clip, and

someone suggested the Hear Clip.  On the website, it does not say it works with

R2 specifically, but it does work with Rondo.  Is anyone familiar with the Hear Clip?

Does it work?  etc.  Addey

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I am familiar with the HearClip for Rondo 1.  Rondo 1 attaches with a looped line.

Rondo 2 has that special line with flat circle openings on each end.

I am not sure how you would attach a HearClip to Rondo 2.  If you attached it to the available end of the Rondo 2 piece, you would still be using that piece.

Some Rondo 2 users have found original ways of attaching a secure line.

Are you interested in just having a different end attached to the regular Rondo 2 leash or having a way not to use that leash?

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Yesterday, I reached up and my R2 was missing.  It ended up in my collar.  whew.  So, 

I thought a Hear Clip and "chain" would be more secure. It must have fallen off when I put my vest on.

A little scary.

I would like to hear from Rondo 2 users who have  developed original  lines and clips.

Thank you.  

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Scary moment!

I tagged you in a few topics where Rondo 2 users have discussed this.  Just tag anyone you have questions for.

To tag

type @

immediately type the username

a pop up window will appear

select the username

it will show up in a blue box

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