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Sonnet 2 in US ASM 2.0


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Help! I am confused. 

I know the new Sonnet 2 as released in the US runs the 2.0 version of Automatic Sound Management, NOT the 3.0 version.  On the website "compare processors" section, it lists only ASM 3.0 as having Adaptive Intelligence (change settings based on environment), Transient Noise Reduction, and Ambient Noise Reduction.

Am I correct? If so, the Sonnet 2 in US seems not much advanced over the Sonnet, and less advanced than the version available elsewhere.



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When Sonnet 1 was released in the US, it was released with ASM 1.  After FDA approval for ASM 2, ASM 2 was released in the US.  Our audiologists updated our Sonnet 1 processors via Med-El’s software at our appointments.

I expect the same sequence to happen with Sonnet2 processors in the US pending FDA approval.

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