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A day in my life with CIs

Mary Beth

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Today I had two interesting experiences with my CIs.

It is snowing here so schools are closed.  I had been listening to an audiobook with my Artone BT neckloop when I decided to go out and snow blow.  At first I considered pausing the book and leaving the neckloop inside because I thought it would encounter interference (buzzing) from the snow blower.  Then I decided to test it out. I was AMAZED that it did not buzz!  There was a quiet motor sound, but no unpleasant buzzing!  So I turned up the volume slightly on my audiobook and started snow blowing.  Smile.

After only 20 minutes, the dead battery warning on the Artone sounded.  I had not thought this through well.  I had been listening for hours before going outside.  So I paused the audiobook and turned off the Artone.

Then I realized that my FineTuner was inside.  Thankfully Med-El designs our processors to ALWAYS turn on in the M setting!  So a quick off and back on to each processor and I was back on M!  Thank you Med-El for that very useful feature!

Thinking that the snow may have reduced the number of people at the DMV, I headed there to renew my driver’s license.  I was correct.  No lines!  All was progressing well.  I understood all the various questions until I thought I heard,  “Are you still five too?”  I asked the worker to repeat the question.  Yup I heard it right!  “Are you still 5’2”?”  Smile


How were your listening days HP folks?

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Just this morning I was sitting in my manager's office - we were talking about a project we're working on that involves some of the people who sit in cubes outside his office.  Bob started speaking very quietly so that the others couldn't overhear and I was able to hear him well AND lower my own voice appropriately.


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