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FineTuner Questions and Answers

Mary Beth

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I have bilaterial sonnets. I like to just use one fine tuner. Can you tell me what the procedure is I would go through to turn the volume up or down on one side or the other. I'm never sure what I'm doing. Maybe that is set up by the audi. For a starter, how would I tell if the keyboard lock is on or not.

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Let’s start by being sure both of your Sonnets are paired to your FineTuner.

take off right Sonnet.  Pull down battery cover so the Sonnet turns off.  Place your coil on the lower part of the FineTuner near the button with a left & right arrow.  It will magnetically attach.  While the coil is attached to the FineTuner, push the Sonnet battery cover back up so the Sonnet turns on.  The FineTuner will blink amber lights at the top to show it is paired.

Now repeat the same process with your left Sonnet on the same FineTuner.

Then put your Sonnets back on your head. Press the button with both the left and right arrows and then press the T button.

When I do this I hear beeps in my Sonnets.

This should put both processors into telecoil mode.  You will not hear anything from your Sonnet mics.  

If only one Sonnet went into T mode, try it again but hold the FineTuner closer to your Sonnets.

Then press the button with both left and right arrows, and press the M button.  You will be back to your regular microphone mode and will hear normally.

If this all worked, your FineTuner is not locked.  It takes effort to lock your FineTuner.  It does not tend to happen by accident.

We do not have to keep pairing the Sonnets to the FineTuner.  Once we set them up, it stays.

To control only your right Sonnet, just press the button with the right arrow and then press another button.

To control only your left Sonnet, just press the button with the left arrow and then press another button.

To control both Sonnets at the same time, just press the button with both arrows and then press another button.

How are things going with your Sonnets?


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Mary Beth, thankyou for the refresher on using my fine tuner. I was thinking that I had accidently got the keyboard lock on and was pushing buttons accordingly, (it wasn't locked) and I think the one Sonnet wasn't paired. All is going fine now.

I like my Sonnets I just wish the batteries and battery covers would last a little longer. I wear my Rondos 1-2 days a week and I like them to but I don't do as well with them on the telephone and when my hair is short I have a hard time getting the hair clips to fasten good.

Thanks again for your help

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  • HearPeers Heroes


I am glad all is straightened out with your Sonnets and the FineTuner.


If you want to try hearing  the phone better with your Rondos, I recommend using the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop (purchase on Amazon).  Then through your phone’s BT sync the neckloop to the phone.  Wear the tiny neckloop under a shirt.  Put the Rondos on MT.  Hands free phone calls (just clip it to your collar so others hear you during a call).

True wireless BT for all audio directly from your phone (audiobooks, podcasts, music).

If you put your Rondos on T, you will only hear the streaming audio and no other noise.

Works the same for Sonnets.


I do not like the short battery life of the Sonnet rechargeable batteries either.  I use Power One zinc air implant batteries and just replace them every other morning.  Then I never encounter an inconvenient dead battery.

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Hello, I am using boleroV50 in left ear and had implanted sonnet 2 on right ear 2 weeks back. Need suggestion for rehabilitation for the implant . 

what device would be good for streaming mobile phone in both ear? Considering ARTONE 3 MAX  and  Humantechnik CM BT2.


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  • HearPeers Heroes



I love the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.

i will tag you in rehab suggestions.  
wishing you the best!

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