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Recovery time from surgery?


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My operation was last Wednesday. Since then have what I  think is balance issues rather than vertigo itself. Every one is different I know.

Have an awkward clip behind the earlobe thats not playing ball, it's in and not at the same time. On occasions decided to leak. Also not frequent a little movement a bit like when the ear wax moves in the ear. local medical centre thinks it's fine.....

While at the same time it feels that the ear canal and beyond a little inflamed.

I'm just wondering if all his has some bearing on the strange balance light head issues I'm having. 

I'm supposed to have the clips out on Friday, then see a consultant on Monday.

I'm sure it's early days, it is after all just 7 days including op  day.

I have and still am taking very strong antibiotics. 

Anyone have weird after surgery moments like I'm having?







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We always recommend that people contact their CI team about any questions related to their recovery.  The CI teams know best.

I hope you feel better soon.

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