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Connectivity CI and HA


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My 5 and a half year old son wears two Resound Hearing Aids. He will be implanted in May on one side (to start).
Currently, at school, he uses a multimic Resound microphone which works very well with bluetooth, in order to hear the teacher well. Very easy to use.
I wonder what will be possible as a microphone when he has the implant on one side (Med El, if we choose this brand) and on the other his Resound HA. I know it would be easier to take a Cochlear implant since we could continue to use the Resound microphone, but for some reasons we want to choose Med El.
I admit that I do not understand the solutions proposed and I am worried about the school.


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I am a bilateral Med-El CI user and also a Teacher of the Deaf.  I work with students who use the multi mic from ReSound.  We have found that they hear better in class when we attach a Roger X receiver to the multi mic since the Roger transmitters (teacher mics)....especially the Roger TouchScreen Mic....have mic technology which is much more advanced than the fixed mics that come with various hearing aid brands.  When we switched a student from using the ReSound multi mic to using the Roger Touchscreen teacher mic with a Roger X plugged into the multi mic, the improvement was noticeable right away.  The student was very happy with the improved sound.

There are several ReSound Smart Up hearing aid models.  This link will let you see options for Roger receivers.  There may be a receiver that directly attaches to the aid.  If not, you can plug in a Roger X to the Euro port (3 holes) on the multi mic.



Med-El CIs all work with Roger too.

Sonnet 2 processors use Roger 21 integrated battery cover receivers.

Rondo 2 processors use the Roger MyLink neckloop receiver.


By far the most successful remote mic in our schools has been the Roger Touchscreen transmitter with receivers that match the CI/HA being used.

This is due to the advanced mic technology in the Roger Touchscreen Mic. It uses adaptive beamforming with 3 built in mics.  Works being worn by a teacher,  placed on a table for small groups, plugged into computers instead of headphones, etc.  The Roger mic technology adapts to the noise level in the room.  It is not a fixed gain mic.  This adaptive feature makes the Roger System much more effective in noise.


I wish your son the best!

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