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Itchiness around magnet


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I’ve recently had a Bonebridge implant put in for the left ear (about 1 month ago) and the past few days I’ve had itchiness around where the magnet is implanted under the skin. Is this normal? Or is my skin just sensitive? I am skin sensitive to a lot of things such as bandaids, soap and deodorant. 

Thanks in advance! :) 

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I do not know about BoneBridge but for CIs discomfort at the magnet site would be a sign that our magnet strength may be too strong and we would contact our CI team as soon as possible.



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@CaityI have a CI and have experienced itchiness at the magnet. I did not complain about it to my Audiologist but she decided that,the,magnet was too strong and ask if I had aching or itching around that area. She installed a weaker magnet and it helped but if I wear it all day and into the night, like 15 or 16 hours it may still itch a little. 


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