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Checking in !

Lori Martin

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Hi to all

It's been awhile since I wrote, but had a few questions with all this around the globe (pandemic) how are you handling if you have just gain hearing and can't travel.

I have done pretty good being in touch with my implant supervisor but still unclear if I can get there which is Boston.

I so need adjustment to day the least!

What I have been doing is taking my processor off toward the middle of the day for everything is still robotic and loud.

This is by far extra anxiety!

Be safe hear pears !!

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@Lori Martin

It is so difficult for people who are still getting MAPped effectively to be unable to go to CI appts.  Stay safe and hopefully things will settle down before too long.

I found that my brain adjusted to the CI input and eventually turned electronic sounding speech into natural sounding speech in time.  It helped me to wear my CI all waking hours.

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Hi Lori,

Yah, know what you mean: like robots talking under water.   I kept wearing mine( well, most of the time)  and eventually it started sounding pretty normal.  I'm still in the first year.   Can you adjust the sound if it feels too loud?  Your CI should have come with a "remote control"  so try using it to turn it down a bit, then over time, turn it up,  so you really get use to sounds.  Shocking isn't it, to hear all those noises!  It will soon feel like a miracle.  Good luck and stay well!


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