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Reviews of face masks and face shields

Mary Beth

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Life as a deaf person in a world of face masks 

Check out reviews of various face masks with windows and face shields.

Join in and review the items you have tried.

What works best for us?

Tina Gonzales Childress, Carrie Spangler and I worked together and we really want to hear from you!


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I looked at the link..pretty fascinating...I did not realize there would be so many types of shields. I use a couple of cheap bandanas I bought in Target, and sometimes surgical masks when I go for tests in the hospital or doctor's offices.

This whole thing is kind of fascinating, and the fact that it is really similar to what people went through with the 1918 H1N1 Flu reminds me that it is something that does occur...like the 100 year storms, or 100 year floods.

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@Mary Beth Impressive! We have the disposable ones that we get from the chemists, also a DIY type mask made locally.


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Forgot to add that I've no idea of the brand of the disposable ones. At present there does not seem to be any solution what to do with them, not sure how eco friendly they are For example.  As they the masks ( in theory) cannot be recycled. I have been told that there are people who are reusing them by spraying them with disinfectant spray then leave them out in the sun on the washing line!!! 

The DIY one is made of breathable fabric.






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