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Posted by Med-El US, Rondo swap for new surgery kits

Mary Beth

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My surgery went well yesterday on my Right ear CI implant SYNCHRONY 2 FLEX28. Looking forward to activation in about 3 weeks.

I will activate RIGHT with SONNET 2 and at the same time upgrade my SONNET to SONNET 2 on my left ear.
Post surgical pain is very manageable with Tylenol.

Thanks for your support!

Implanted RIGHT yesterday with SYNCHRONY 2 FLEX28 Sep 13, 2021
Implanted LEFT     SONATAti100 March 2009

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Activation was today! So far I'm pleased. My right ear journey has begun.  Binaural is MUCH better!

R: Sonnet 2

L: Sonnet 2 (transferred program from my Sonnet 1)

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At 4 days post activation, I already notice some improved comprehension. Audiologist set 4 programs (Right) and I am instructed to advance to next program every 4 days. I just connected both Sonnet 2 processors to Audio Key2 app. In time, I will try Audio Stream and Audio Link. I am still frightened of the phone (unless captioned) but I hope to be more comfortable using the phone soon.

Left Sonnet 2 processor programmed with programs from my Sonnet 1.

Bottom line: I'm happy with this decision.

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@Hal in Maryland



When you start using AudioStream, try Telephone With Confidence to practice becoming comfortable with the phone.  Free recorded calls with text transcripts.

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