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Issues with CI and having telephone conversation.

Leila Riley

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Hello everyone,I'm  fully aware of the fact that my CI is fairly new...with that said,I simply cannot have a proper telephone  conversation because even on speaker phone (at it's highest level)I can only understand about 5-10% maybe less.I'll  be forever  grateful if anyone could give me some good news.This plays a SIGNIFICANT ROLE  IN MY INDEPENDENCE!!!!

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@Leila Riley

Here are my suggestions.  See if you can test them out by calling a friend to find what works best for you.

Speech to text apps:  put your phone on speakerphone and use a separate device to run a speech to text app. The very best by far is LiveTranscribe for Android devices.  Do not be fooled by a completely different app also called Live Transcribe for iOS.  LiveTranscribe for Android devices is free.  It works great.  If you do not have an android device to use while your phone is on speakerphone, I recommend otter.ai for iOS devices.  First 10 hours every month is free (broken into 40 minute segments).  You can also open GoogleMeet and start a meeting of just you.  Then turn on live captions in google Meet.  These recommendations require setting your phone on speakerphone and using a second device to run a speech to text app.


Telephone practice....see if you can access Telephone With Confidence in Canada to practice listening to recorded messages.  There are transcripts to follow on line.


If you reach a point where you do not need the speech to text support for the phone, you can use assistive devices to hear better on the phone.  I will list them in the order I find them helpful for phone use.  Everyone’s experience is unique.  For Sonnet 2;

1) Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop with Sonnet 2 on MT setting via your remote/remote app (as long as your phone can connect via BT or you attached a BT adapter to your phone)

2) BOSE QC35 BT around the ear headphones (have an optional headphone jack cable) Phone must have either BT or a headphone jack 

3) Direct Audio Input to the Sonnet 2 via the FM battery cover with 3 holes on the bottom and a DAI cable from Med-El (red jack mixes 90/10 and yellow jack mixes 50/50). Phone must have a headphone jack.

4) Use Roger Select with Roger 21 battery cover. Or use AudioLink intermediary device.  Phone must have BT or headphone jack 


Wishing you the best.

Maybe others have more recommendations.

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Thanks for all that information Mary Beth...I'm terrible with electronics, but is my new normal so I'll  have to figure it out.Thank  you so much!!!☺

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Think about joining in our monthly Google Meet chats.  Lots of helpful people.  You can ask as many questions as you wish.


In the meantime, post any questions and we will do our best to help.

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