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Share a recent WOW moment

Mary Beth

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Today I had 2 WOW moments.  I have been implanted for over 5 years and there are still experiences that make me pause and say WOW.


I was driving with both front windows rolled all the way down and singing to the radio. Then I realized I was singing to the radio while driving with both front windows rolled all the way down!


Tonight is a lovely cool night.  We are watching TV with the windows open.  I hear the TV fine and I also hear tons of crickets at the same time!


I love my CIs!


Please share a recent WOW moment in your CI journey.

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This morning I had a mini-family reunion over Google Meet. Mainly because of the auto-captioning feature. But I did find myself using the captioning not as a primary means of understanding, but as a fallback means. Meaning that I could listen and understand other family members and only fall back to the captioning when I'm not latching on. No way I could that with just hearing aids before.


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