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CI Coverage


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Hi all. 

So today's the day I see my surgeon, and we discuss what all is going to happen and all of the details. So excited!!! 😆

Now, for the longest time, I have been told that Medicaid covers implants, and since this is my primary insurance, I had no second thoughts about it. 

However, something woke me up this morning, telling me to call my insurance company and get the details on exactly what they cover. 

Here's the thing, THEY COULDN'T TELL ME, because they couldn't find anything related to CIs, only on HAs that only cover children. 

So, by nature, I'm starting to freak out a bit. 

Could anybody please be so kind to tell me what their experience(s) was/were with CI payments, with or without insurance? 

Please... I need peace of mind. 

Thanks for listening. 🙂

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Your Doctor will probably cover this during your meeting. He or She will get approval from your insurance before he or she moves forward. At least that is what my Doctor did. I have medicare as primary insurance and a supplement ins. as secondary ins. I don't know anything about medicaid.

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My CI center (New York Eye & Ear) handled all of the insurance process for me.  They are the experts and know the procedure codes etc.  Just ask your CI center.

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Okay, thank you. 

My surgeon said he'd get all of that information figured out. 

I'm just concerned now that I'll be paying more than I anticipated. 

I know it will all be worth it ❤

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