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Newly diagnosed SSD, trying to decide whats best


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Hello all, 

Back in February I lost hearing from my right ear over night at 27 years old. After many ENT visits and both oral steroids and steroidal injections it is now confirmed that my hearing is not coming back. I recently met with my audiologist to go over the different options as far as implants go. We discussed the CROS hearing aids, osseointegrated devices (including the coclear baha, the cochlear osia, and the oticon ponto), the Med-el adhere, and the cochlear implants. Though I am very lucky and thankful to have all of these options, it is very overwhelming. I am reaching out to you guys to see what your experiences were/are with any of these options as well as why you chose the option you chose. Any and all advise is welcomed. 


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I had used CROS style hearing aids.  It let me avoid having a dead side but the sound quality was not great.

I will tag @Kylie.  She is single sided deaf with a Med-El CI.

Wishing you the best.

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I also had sudden SSD. I chose the cochlear implant because I wanted stereo sound and the highest quality outcome including music listening. I have been very happy with the results, which are continuing to improve at 18 months on. It was very functional from an early stage.

I do not completely understand some of the options you mentioned as they were not options for me but others can comment on some specifics there.

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