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I just got my Rondo 2 turned on a couple of days ago and am wondering how it works using a telephone.  Can somebody help me with that?

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One of the easiest ways to use a telephone with Rondo 2 is to purchase the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop (available through Harris Communications and Amazon for $129).  Pair the neckloop with your phone via BT.  Put your Rondo 2 in MT mode via your FineTuner remote.  It is truly hands free.  Use Telephone With Confidence free recorded phone messages that have transcripts to test it all out.


In time, you may find that you can use the phone just by holding the phone over the Rondo 2 mic and staying in your regular M setting.

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@melody congrats I am bilateral I have 2 Sonnets and one Rondo2 which I received on promotion I hear on the phone real good with the Rondo2 as Mary Beth said be sure to hold the phone over the Rondo2.I hear a lot better on the phone with Rondo. Good Luck

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