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Anyone experienced w/changing insurance post-CI?


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Evening everyone, have a question. I'm wondering if anyone (probably US focused question though) has experience with changing insurance policies post-CI, and if there were any issues getting coverage for, example, parts or mapping sessions?

Since we just had our first child we will be changing insurance; options are to change mine and cancel my wife's, change my wife's and cancel mine, or worst case change my wife's, not to family but to a +1, and keep mine as-is (most expensive). We'd be with the same provider in any case, but I am concerned about challenges getting future coverage?

Going to put the question to my audi and insurance provider as well but figure if anyone here has direct experience that'd be probably most useful.


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  • HearPeers Heroes


My employers changed insurance plans after I was implanted.  The new plan also covers CIs as durable medical equipment.  My CI center is in network for the new plan too so that is fine.  I hope you are as fortunate.

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