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Hi there,

I am new to the group. My 11 year old recently had SSNHL which resulted in him becoming deaf in one ear. He got a MedEl implant in August and we have just started the streaming with the new Rondo. Does anyone know of a better app to use for streaming? The Audio2Ear is a pain because he needs to login every time. With forgotten or mistyped passwords this causes additional frustration we would rather avoid. Anyone know of another app we can use? The MedEl rep said one of you might know.



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Hi Michelle,  Sounds like you are more ahead of the game than we are. My 11 year old with SSD just got her CI in December. We echo your frustration with Audio2Ear. I will also wait to see what others do. For now, we are using a direct 3.5 mm cable connection from ipad/computer to Audiolink. Not ideal. 

I am curious how has your son's experience with the Rondo been? We are just starting rehab and wondering how quickly (or slowly) we should expect improvement in word recognition.


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@Michelle Kohler

We can use any app that is an A2DP converter app.  Before Med-El released Audio2Ear, Med-El recommended a few A2DP converter apps.  See this link


I prefer using the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.  Tiny, light and sounds good.  Info about it can be found here.  ($129 on Digby or Amazon).


Welcome to HearPeers!  Wishing your son the best!

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@Michelle Kohler

The Artone 3 uses telecoil (so Rondo 3 must have the telecoil adapter attached to the port).  Your son will hear a mix of audio at 50/50 mix ratio- the streamed audio and the sounds in the room.  His audiologist can create a MAP that lets him hear telecoil only audio and no room sounds if he wants.

Here are the reasons I prefer the Artone (which Med-El introduced to me back in 2016 and I have been using almost everyday since then):

-very small and light and can be worn under a shirt

-connects to all BT devices easily

-has terrific range (I can set my phone on a table and walk all through my house and still hear everything perfectly.)

-easy to use

-truly hands free for phone calls

-consistent sound delivery to both sides no matter how I move my head



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