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Hello Nancy in Florida! Nice of you to join us and we look forward to getting to know you and your experience with the Med-el Implant. Tell us more!¬†ūüėÉ

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Hi all. I'm a return  member. My nanecus Michele and,I received my 1st cochlear implant in 2018 by Dr. Pillsbury in Chapel Hill NC. My implant  has been wonderful and I am considering going bilateral. For those that remember me, I lost my husband 8 months ago  in August. Taking him off life support after his cardiac arrest was the hardest thing I have ever EVER gone through. I am now raising our special needs teen daughter  solo. Grief has affected my cochlear performance as my audiologist  explained, so I saw changes in my quality of hearing, especially  after the first 4 months of losing my soulmate of 15 years. I'm considering  implanting my right ear to improve the direction of sounds. Has anyone else lost a loved one or spouse  and experienced a reduction  temporarily  of your Cochlear device  performance?

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I am so very sorry for your loss.  

Welcome back to HearPeers.  We missed you.

Going bilateral was the best decision for me.  I love hearing with two balanced ears.  I am wishing you the best.

Our emotional and mental state definitely can impact how well we hear.  People notice changes to their hearing when they are tired, sick or stressed.  You have been through a lot.

If you are not sure the changes to your hearing are related to your grief, do you have a back up processor you can use to see if it sounds the same?  If it sounds better, then something is wrong with your processor.  Are you using Sonnet?  Have you changed your mic cover recently?  

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