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Absurdly large shipping box!


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OK, MED-EL... this is ridiculous. The thing I want inside is the size of a cookie, and you send it in a box that could hold a microwave! Lots of you get your gear at your audiology clinic, but this is what they ship out for an *upgrade* to my *backup*. I'm getting it sent to my home because my audi is doing "remote programming sessions" during the pandemic.

FWIW, other than the Rondo 3 I already have everything in this box. Not sure what I'm going to do with all the duplicate items including a second AudioLink. If anyone has any ideas....

And I do realize I'm super lucky about my upgrade and I'm being a bit facetious complaining about the size of the shipping box.





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There will be many candidates who cannot afford to purchase CI bits and pieces. I give my spares to my audiologist who works in a hospital and has many desperate candidates. 

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@Justin, was this a Rondo 3 upgrade? Just out of curiosity, what did you get? 

If you have extra stuff that you won't use, donate it to your audiology clinic. 

When I did the Rondo 3 swap, they only wanted me to send back the Rondo2 and Echo, so I had some extra stuff that wouldn't work with Rondo 3, and they're being donated - like @pdk said - to candidates who cannot afford these things. 

(I also didn't get much back from the swap, which is why I am curious about what they sent you). 

But I've noticed that all the boxes I've gotten from Med el are rather large, too. 

I guess better safe, than sorry. It's not like it's $10 equipment in those boxes 😂

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The box itself is not for you.  MedEl must have made an error on your pet type. 


p s. As for duplicate items, I must say I felt these can be of better use to someone in need right now somewhere not as privileged. I got a good advice to keep a stock - at least of consumables what may go bad before others.  They cost $$-$$$ to replace.  Also, in future upgrades there's no back ups at all.  I recently had to dig into the spares box and find a battery housing.  No sound without it.  In my case, not having the processor working would mean very challenging few days before I could diagnose or get a part.

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