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Artone Max 3 connects, but no audio


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Hi everyone, I've been a happy bilateral Rondo 2 user for the past year. I use my Artone Max 3 ALL the time. Suddenly it starts cutting out and now I can connect, but no audio. Has anyone else had this problem? Any fixes? I've tried plugging it into the charger several times and turning it on and off, but no sound. No beeps or anything.

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To troubleshoot, do you have another telecoil device, and does it work? Or if you find the right location, can you hear T-coil humming? This would at least let you know that the problem was with the Artone and not your Rondo... or vice versa. If it's clearly the Artone (and I suspect that's the case based on your description), I could imagine that constant use, movement, etc could cause the wires in the inducting loop to eventually break at some point in the loop. If that were the case, you'd still see the device connect on the bluetooth side, but it wouldn't be able to put out the t-coil signal. From the teensy bit I know about T-coils, I'm betting the necklace of the Artone is actually a number of loops of whisper thin wires and on each end they're soldered into the circuit board. I bet they broke at the solder joint.

 I just got an Artone Max 3 to use with my new Rondo 3. So not much actual experience to offer.

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I few things to try if you haven’t tried them already.

- have your device forget the Artone BT pairing and then pair them again

- make sure your device is choosing the Artone for audio output 

- make sure the volume level on your device is not on mute 

- try pairing the Artone to a different device to test it

If all fails, it is probably the neckloop.


I have several Artone neckloops and always have one charging.  Since 2016, I have probably used 5 different neckloops.  Two of those five are the ones I use everyday now and last about 6 hours of streaming.  Two of the five are the older pin charger variety and after 4+ years of daily use are now down to a short battery life.  One of those five stopping working.


Depending on where the Artone was purchased, the warranty varies.  So check with the vendor.


Let us know if your Artone returns to working form.


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