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Rondo 3 Approved in canada.


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Hi all, its been a while since i have been on - about 4 months or so. I am now 8 months activated and the processor i got was the Rondo 2 and qualified for the Rondo 3 - so now Medel has approval for the Rondo 3 and they mail it to me - no mapping and also have this audiolink item. 

Is there anyone that have the Rondo 3 and what you love about it. 



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thanks - looking forward to some updates 


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I got my Rondo 2 back in November last year and got the Rondo 3 (with the RondoSwap program) around end of February this year.

To be honest, I am not seeing a big difference.. BUT that is because I only have 1 (left ear). I have a hearing aid in my right ear and it works pretty well.

With both I am getting more volume that normal. I do therapy with the Rondo 3 and am getting pretty good with it but still not able to fully function with just the Rondo3 (no hearing aid in my right ear).

It does have a directional microphone but not really had a chance to test it out. I do like the audiolink as it is the only device needed for streaming (vs Rondo2 where I needed 2 devices). Also like the fact that I can control volume and programs with audiolink and app on my phone (could not do that with Rondo2).

I have not seen a difference in charging (they say the Rondo3 can go almost 24 hours on full charge). I usually only wear it for a max of 16 hours. But it does hold a good charge.

The only downside that I have seen is the streaming with the audiolink. The streaming seems a little choppy and can hear backround noise with audiolink. With Rondo2 I had the Roger system and used "telecoil" setting. With the telecoil it seems to block out all background noise and I was able to hear better with direct streaming.

BUT, as I said, I have not had a chance to try it out in a room setting with multiple people. Also, audiolink acts as a microphone as well.

Hope this helps and let me know if you need more information.



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I never had the Rondo 2, just the 3. I was hoping that the streaming would be better. It is choppy, and you miss too many words to be able to listen to a podcast. And you need to turn on the app first, and you have to wear the stupid clip on unit as well. Not very 2021, if you ask me. I also have one hearing aid. I set both my hearing aid and the Rondo for the restaurant settings when I am in a noisy environment, and that works fairly well. My worst obstacle are the high ceilings in my house. An absolute nightmare!

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@Carol D

Have you tried the Artone BT neckloop?  If your hearing aid has an active telecoil, you will hear on both sides.  Rondo 3 has to have the telecoil adapter attached.

I use my Artone everyday and have been using them for years.  All audio from your phone/tablet streams to the neckloop without needing to use a converter app.  True hands free for phone calls.


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