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Sonnet 1 Audio Link - Audio Stream


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I have been contemplating buying Audio Link for quite a while. My husband thinks I have to have both Audio Stream and Audio Link to listen to music and to talk on the phone.  I believe all I need is Audio Link.  Does anyone have any feedback on this? My phone is a Samsung G 31. Thank you. 

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Sonnet 1 with AudioStream will let you stream all audio from a compatible  phone to your Sonnet 1 and has great audio quality.  Some android users report that it is too quiet.  The work around is to run a free audio booster app on the phone. @Kylie has reported success with that.  We need to continue to speak into the phone so others hear us.  I love the audio quality of music with AudioStream.


Sonnet 1 with AudioLink will only let you stream actual phone calls.  For all other audio from the phone, we must use Med-El’s A2DP converter app called Audio2Ear.  I do not like the audio quality for music this way.  It is degraded.  For better audio quality we need to use cables to attach the phone to the AudioLink.  For phone calls, we wear the AudioLink and it picks up our voice.  My experience with AudioLink has not been good.  Audio quality issues and extremely short range.  Some others have better experiences.


We do not need both.

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