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Birth to age 6 communication skills

Mary Beth

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I was thinking of Hellen Keller this morning and wondered. Had she been born today, and received a cochlear implant, would we have ever heard of her?
I think what made her famous and brought her to the world stage was not only that she had a great mind, but that she overcame insurmountable odds to succeed. With the challenge of hearing impairment removed, would we have even noticed her. Just a thought. 

Regarding the study that the MedEl article cited, it makes me very concerned about the children that took part in the study and were denied things such as the blocks. After the study is over, the damage to their development is done and isn’t likely to be repaired.

Don’t the people conducting the study have an ethical responsibility to make sure those kids are made whole?  

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@Mary Beth

Thank you for sharing the article, Mary! I have the impression that Felix is not very interested in playing blocks. He seems to prefer watching my husband building blocks. I will share this article with his early intervention teacher and speech therapist and ask if they have any insight to encourage block play. See you on Sunday!

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