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Finally Using EAS


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Just left the audiologist and finally have the Sonnet 2 with EAS processor. Also had another electrode finally turned on as it wasn't causing twitching anymore. 

The difference is subtle and I can't quite articulate it but there is a difference between the EAS vs no EAS. Some music already sounds better, however I also had another electrode turned on finally as well so need to keep that in mind for things sounding differently.  Also did additional mapping and the CI and HA are more equal now than they've been since the beginning. I was noticing more with both. Hasn't quite been an hour yet so I'll get some more listening in and hopefully have more to report, and maybe even a WOW moment.

Currently wearing Sonnet 2 EAS with ActiveWear so it does "stand out" a bit more from conventional CIs but its way more comfortable having the battery portion off my ear. Bummed as I am about the ear mold part, its not too bad (so far). 

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Didn't quite make it 24 hours with the new settings. Yesterday around the 24 hour mark I had to email my audiologist and report in that I was getting slight overstimulation again, but not nearly to the extent as my first week, and wasn't sure about making it through the weekend. Just some consonants and sounds were causing me to wince/twitch slightly while the rest are coming through fine if a little exaggerated. So I'm recently back home from going in and getting that fixed. Right now don't have any stabbing sensations and am not periodically wincing anymore. Just working at normalizing all the consonants that are now being overexaggerated.

Nor sure on preference of processors still. I pick up more sounds with the EAS vs Rondo vs Sonnet 2 w/o EAS. There's a definite albeit slight different in range/tones that they pick up and that translates for me. Its just so subtle still that I don't yet have a preference sound-wise. Simplicity wise of course the Rondo 3 wins. Weirdest thing about the EAS, if I detach the coil I get a very limited amount of extremely distorted sound in via just the EAS portion. I happened on that by accident and its not at all pleasant. Kinda reminds me of activation day where everything was sounding muffled, though instead of speech like then its just electronic pulses/beeps. Very weird.

(Remembered to ask how many electrodes are activated as I lost count and it is currently 8 out of 12.)

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I am glad your audiologist was able to see you so quickly to get rid of the twitching.  Keep us posted.

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@Mary Beth me too. I was as specific about the problem as possible and that helped my audiologist know what needed to be done. Then had a 30 minute window to get me in that worked for both of us and we didn’t waste time. Was done in 20 minutes so hopefully didn’t throw her day off too much. 

Audiologist has a meeting with MED-EL (it was planned already) and will add my file to everything else that they are going over so I’ll be either hearing more before my next appointment in mid-September or go over it at that time. Just depending on any urgency or not (I doubt it would be urgent). There’s the possibility of a rep coming up too but nothing known/confirmed and again not sure if it would be necessary or not for me. But would be cool to meet them in person of course!

i just wish I could pinpoint the differences in EAS/no EAS and Rondo!

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@LaurenI am bilateral, both sides are EAS.  I agree - when the coil is detached the sound is extremely distorted sound and not at all pleasant.  It is amplification of my residual hearing which is extremely low frequencies only (certainly not enough to understand speech which is why I needed a CI).  To hear the high and medium frequencies I need the CI (coil attached).

My audiologist has mapped both of my processors with an additional program which is CI only, no EAS, so that all frequencies are via the implant.  If I am at home and want to give my ear(s) a rest from the ear mold I can switch to this program.  After some practice I can understand most things with this program, but it does not sound as natural as the EAS programs (though the diff is very subtle, just an enhanced richness I think).  I have to be careful as without the earmold they flop around a lot more and fall off easily.


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Finally got a good MAP and am still using EAS even though I prefer the sounds without EAS. I just have better distinction with EAS meaning rehab is easier. Which is nice I guess. Was a bummer because I had been a little too happy about being done with earmolds on the left side. I was giggling though, as each time I was switched to EAS to see if I had a preference, my AuD's voice became more... nasally. At first, but its all normalized now.

I still don't have any programs loaded in that I can switch to, but maybe at my next MAP which is mid December. I'm wanting to play around with ASM 3.0, which was loaded into both processors at the appointment prior but still have no options.

I owe so much off the good appointment to HearPeers and in particular the Monthly Meet Ups (too many to tag to say thank you, but hopefully they all see this note in their activity stream). I took all suggestions and tips with me and my AuD and I really hashed it out and I ended up with a strong MAP that puts me on the right track finally.

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