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Helpful article with links about improving listening with CIs years after activation

Mary Beth

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  • 2 weeks later...

My first CI (Left) was implanted 13 years ago. I remember the journey as frustrating and hard. Eventually, I learned to hear with the CI and I am grateful for it. On Sep 13, I'm scheduled for my second CI surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. This should give me binaural hearing. Remembering the struggle with my first CI, I don't want to have false expectations. I realize the technology has improved and I have a better understanding now of how a CI works. I hope this will help me adapt more quickly once activated. Since I have no usable hearing in my Right ear, I decided it's worth a try with a second CI. It certainly would be nice to be able to talk on the phone (no promises).

Thanks for posting the helpful article.

Currently: Sonnet Left, BTE in the Right (mostly for show 🤪).
After Activation: Sonnet2 Left, Sonnet2 Right

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  • 9 months later...

Mary Beth

Thanks . This is an interesting article. I makes me feel lazy in that I have found my comfort zone of what works and what doesn’t . I have not continued to explore explore other techniques such as tv streaming, captioned phone and working on music hearing. 
I’ll be interested to hear from others on the meet tomorrow about captioned telephone. 

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I think of it as “breaks” not laziness.  Smile.  We take breaks from training and enjoy how things sound.  Then we feel like we would like a certain listening situation to sound better or be easier and we seek out ways to improve that specific situation- by training specifically for it or using tech or a combination of both.


I am over 7 years into my CI journey and things still continue to amaze me.

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On 9/1/2021 at 1:30 PM, Mary Beth said:

YAY @Hal in Maryland!!!  Keep us posted!

Now 9 months later I realize how much better binaural hearing is. When my R CI (new) batteries run out, I wonder how I ever managed with just one. The learning curve was faster and I was able to understand some words right after activation. So much more encouraging than my first activation. I’m a happy camper. 

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Hi - I'm a newbie to this forum but really enjoying reading some of the posts.

@Hal in Maryland - this is SO encouraging to read ("learning curve was faster and I was able to understand some words right after activation"). My first CI (right ear) was 18 yrs ago (eegawd!). I was just approved for my left ear and waiting to complete my vaccinations before scheduling the surgery (aka driving myself crazy being patient in the meantime). So grateful to have come across this vast pool of inputs & comments to read up on! :)

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