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Yes to CI or wait? Opinions sought.


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Hello All,

I met with my Otolaryngologist for my post CI assessment. I’m posting my latest audiogram. Indeed, things have not improved since my Latest Ménière’s episode in June—third time was the charm. So my hearing loss is moderate to severe. Pure tone recognition is good but speech is lousy varying from as low as 8% to as high as 28%. The fitting of my hearing aid with the new program made things sound worse to the point I just decided not to use it. Almost three months since my sudden hearing loss and I feel like my good ear and brain have compensated for the loss of my hearing on the left side. Still, it is hard to hear in loud ambient environments although my tinnitus has not increased all that much. I’m looking for opinions here. I have a matrix of options I’ve created. The biggest impetus for a CI is that my Ménière’s will go bilateral, which has a 15-20% chance. Given my episodes take place every 5-6 years there is some cushion although nothing is certain with Ménière’s. So the fact I still have some moderate hearing in my left ear, the idea would be to start the process now with the implant as an insurance policy in the event it goes bilateral. I would at least still have a functional ear. 

What would you do given my situation?

David's Cochlear Implant Options_v1.pdf

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Thanks @Mary Bethbut isn't a HA just going to amplify sound? I mean, the distortion will not be fixed at least that's what the audiologist told me. What other HA would you suggest?


Here's another thing I was told about CIs. If you have residual hearing, the CI will likely knock it down about 15-25dB from where things are at today. Then it will gradually come up; in my case, the HF >8KHz would also come up.



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Definitely follow what the professionals are advising.


You are correct that HAs only amplify sound.

Preserving residual hearing varies from surgeon to surgeon.  Finding a surgeon with a great history of preserving residual hearing is important.

Wishing you the best.

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@elmatador43, I can only share my perspective as someone who had rapid, but not sudden loss (losing hearing in one ear over a 2-3 year period and in the other over a 4-5 year period). I too never benefited from hearing aids, even though my insurance covered top of the line Phonak Audeo Marvels. I have found that my CI hearing has been much better and less mentally fatiguing than my natural hearing was back when it was a similar level to that in your audiogram.  I regret now not getting my CI surgery sooner (though am also actually glad that I waited, since my procrastination ended up giving me the opportunity to participate in a UCSF study where I'm working with custom programming based on a high-res FPCT).

If you search this forum for "SSD", you will find great discussions (like this) of how some of our members have been able to adapt to CI + Natural hearing with positive results. This video also shares results from very interesting studies working with people who have normal hearing in one ear and a CI in the other ear (warning: the discussions are a bit technical/academic as it's targeting engineers, audiologists, and surgeons) ☺️

Edit: I see now that I replied to a post from last year. Oops :) 

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Thanks for sharing. I did not get approved by my insurance for the CI because my hearing is still “good”. I’ll wait because the out of pocket cost is crazy high.

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