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Trouble with balancing sound in bilateral recipients

Kara of Canada

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Hi guys! So I’m having trouble with my mappings. My original Audi has been away for the last two years. I have seen two different audis and haven’t had good results. They have been meeting the request for volume etc. But now I’ve reached a point where it’s too much. I’m getting twitching in my eyes when sound is sudden and loud. Very overwhelming. So my original Audi is back.  Today we decided that we will go back two years in programming to see if we can get sound balanced and not so loud. It’s not great. So I’m going back in two weeks to see if there are any changes we can make for improvement. So do any of you have tips we can try? She will contact Med el to see if they have tips. I find the newer ear is not doing as well for balancing the sound. She thinks that the right ear which is the older implant is over compensating for it. So help here please! 

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@Kara of Canada

You may have tried this recently but if not….

ask your audiologist to set each electrode’s threshold by testing each threshold instead of using the default thresholds.  

I have one ear with very unique thresholds and this made a big difference for me.

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