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Introduction -hello


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Hi everyone,

My name is Les and I’ve suffered from Tinatus for about twelve years and have profound hearing loss having had lots of hearing infections. I’ve had hearing aids for several years but theses no longer help.

ive just about completed my cochlear assessment and an due to be referred to the cochlea implant team in Birmingham, England.

ive been asked to decide which cochlear implant processor I want but I really am unsure what to select. I like the idea of the Rondo 2 given its rechargeable and comes as a single unit but I don’t know what the draw backs are.

i work in IT and attended many meetings and often speak with people remotely via Skype or Teams but this has become very difficult of late.

imlooking to try and get any help in trying to make sure I make the right selection hence this post.

Many thanks in advance 


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Welcome to HearPeers @Leslie

Rondo 2 and the newer Rondo 3 are great processors.  There are several options for connecting to sound sources.

The newest generation of Med-El processors are Rondo 3 (one piece rechargeable unit) and Sonnet 3 (behind the ear, rechargeable or disposable battery options).

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@Mary, thanks for the info.

im wanting to make sure that whatever I chose will work with external devices if needed. I still have my Roger mic and pen which of course use the hearing aid transmitters so I don’t know how theses will work with Rondo or if in fact I will need them when I’ve got CI fitted. 

Right now I can’t use phones and TV with subtitles is the only entertainment I’m able to use. Music is a no, no as is speaking to people via audio. 

I just don’t know what to expect or what extra kit I will need to order to help my CI do it’s job for day to day activities. I have a regular HA on the left side but this doesn’t do a great deal anymore but my consultant has asked me to keep wearing it as it will help.

I don’t want to select the wrong CI and find that I’m suck with something that’s not ideal for my life style.



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It is definitely important to feel comfortable with your processor choice.


Roger technology works best with the Rondo series of processors by using Roger neck loop receiver and going into telecoil or MT mode.  

I like using the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.  It connects directly to all devices via BT and then sends that audio to the Rondo processors via telecoil.  It is my most used piece of technology.  I have been using it almost daily since 2016.  I have two so one is always charged and ready to go.

There is an optional Artone TVB that connects to TV, computers etc and streams to the neckloop as well.  And a tiny remote mic called Artone Mic that streams to the neckloop too.

Here is my captioned review of the Artone devices.


Rondo 3 (not Rondo 2) can use Med-Eli’s AudioLink streaming device.  Look at our topic called AudioLink for more information on that.


And check out our topic called REHAB for great suggestions on how we trained our brains to best use the CI input.  Aural rehab helped me a lot!

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Hi @Leslie nice to meet you! You’ll see I’ve been absent for awhile, life got in the way. It’s very important to get the right processor that works for you. I only have sonnets and I find them very versatile. I can use them for just about anything. I too like you! Was unable to do anything that was sound oriented before implantation. I now listen to music and can hear in a somewhat noisy situation. I use a Bluetooth neck loop of a different version that works as well as @Mary Beth was explaining. I’m not as familiar with all the new tech as she is, or the others;  but I would definitively encourage you to look around at all the different posts and feeds of other topics to help you make your choice. Getting an implant is truly life altering. It does take a bit of work on your part but the benefits are phenomenal! I wish you all the best on your journey! Please keep asking questions we will be here to help! 😀


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Hi les,

Im a newbie here, activated about one month. I have a sonnet2 EAS and i stream using audio stream and audiolink. I have 50 percent in right ear and will use ha soon. I have trsined using angel sounds and word success.  The streaming of music and tv has really improved so much im at 80 percent. It took me a bit to learn rhe various connections, im sure with your knowledge will be able to use all available connections. I love my sonnet..

Good luck with your research, there is tons of information on the net, this group is great!






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