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6 Week review of my SONNET processor upgrade from the OPUS 2


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Hi Jurbar,

I think it is worthwhile if your insurance is paying for most of the cost. If you are paying out of pocket it is more questionable .

Remember with SONNET you get:

ASM 2.0 firmware to help with hearing in noise.

Microphone Directionality (Omni,  Natural, Adaptive, Auto-Adaptive)

Wind Noise Reduction

Data Logging

Wireless ready for 2.4 GHz applications

Rechargeable battery system with usb interface.

Roger 21 integrated receiver

Roger Pen

Seamless design to counter moisture problems.

DL-coil with LED Link Check, durable cables, lockable cable connection, exchangeable covers,  and adjustable magnets

IP-54 water resistance rating



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 @MED-EL Moderator

 Hi I was just wondering to know some piece of information about the OPUS 2. 
     I have my cousin using this from his childhood and he is 8yrs old and I think we have to change that device often. It is costing very high in india So my question is Is there any way I can buy this device with the priscription in Canada and take it with me to india? 
     I was wondering to find out the price in Canada of this item and Will there be any travel restrictions on this device If I carry it with me?

   Please suggest and give me any information on this! Thank you


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Hi @VinodReddy thanks for your question. We've sent you a private message with the conctact details of our local MED-EL team in India.

They are best placed to support you in this case.

Kind regards, 


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