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CI Cost in US.


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Good point.  Without having contact with other US CI users, a candidate would not know that some US CI centers issue two processors per surgical side and others issue one processor per surgical side.  Using a two processor center in the US, gives us a back up processor right away (even without brand promotions like Plus Rondo which was in effect here in 2015).  It is a great advantage to have a back up processor in my opinion.

Those who use a one processor center effectively end up with a back up processor when they upgrade at some point (many seem to upgrade every 5 years).

Many times new CI implantees, learn about two processor centers after their surgery at a one processor center.

Some of the one processor centers are large, well known CI centers.  And some of the two processor centers are small CI programs.  So there is no way to know without actually asking the CI center directly. 

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