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Quick links for AudioStream

Mary Beth

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Shared by Med-El US

Hands on Hearing Youtube Videos: 

MED-EL’s Hands on hearing videos are designed to help you navigate your implant and accessories any day any time. Below you will find the links for the AudioStream videos:

 AudioStream Quick Tips 

Listening to Music 
Making Phone Calls 
Pairing with an Android Device 
Pairing with an iOS (Apple) Device 
Assembling AudioStream 
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Do you know if the Audio Stream can be bought in the US at a retailer? My sister is abroad and I'm hoping to get the Audio Stream for her. She currently has a SONNET. 

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connevans sells it in the UK and ships internationally.

Remember that in addition to the AudioStream , a special battery pack or rechargeable battery adapter is needed.  AudioStream will not work with our original battery packs/rechargeable adapters.  That is why there is an option to purchase them together.


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@Mary Beth,

Thanks for the info! I was just about to place an order when I double checked what model my sister has. She has an OPUS 2 as opposed to a SONNET. It appears that parts for the OPUS 2 are somewhat hard to come by.  Would it be possible to use the ARTONE 3 MAX bluetooth device with it instead?

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definitely.  The Artone works great with OPUS2 for streaming.  Just go into MT (50/50 mix) or T (streamed audio only) with the FineTuner remote.

Here is a captioned video of my Artone review.  I use it everyday.


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