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A few days ago I received an email from a Med-El moderator giving advance notice of upcoming changes to the Forum. Amongst other things it recommended we update our profile. I added the city where I live and then, when I went to save, it suggested that to receive all of Med-Els offerings I should continue to another page of the profile and complete that.

This second page requested, among other things, my birth date, my full address, and my Processor type and serial number.

I am quite happy to provide my processor type and serial number, I have no wish to supply either my full address or my date of birth: neither of these should be of the least concern to Med-El and, if by not supplying them I get short changed on the information and help Med-El will give me: so be it. There was no option that I could find  not to complete the form. I tried entering "No comment" in the address field and was informed that the address was not valid. I simply abandoned the exercise and backed out of my profile.

I responded to the email with my objections but have not yet had any further feedback.

It is upsetting to think that a company can try and extort very personal information from a customer without giving any option not to comply. 




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@AnnetteT Thanks. I should have made clear that the profile is not the Forum Profile but the one in My.Medel.

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Dear @Andrew42

thanks for your comment and also your private message. We've replied it now - our apologies for not coming back to you earlier on this.

When you register via https://my.medel.com/register/basic  the only required information is E-Mail, password, name and country (see screenshot below).

In case your registration page does not look like the one in the screenshot, may you please send us a screenshot of what you can see in a private message so we can further investigate on this issue.

Thanks for your support and best regards,





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I have responded fully in a PM. Attached is a screenshot of my Profile in My-Medel suggesting I get access to more Med-El services (details unknown) by upgrading my profile. It is at this point that the exercise gets sticky.




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