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Anyone get feedback or a whistling sound while wearing a hood or even just with certain sounds?

SSD Doug

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I've had my CI since March and am generally happy about it but I just went into my audiologist and turned up the volume and now am getting this feedback that sounds like a whistling sound that is driving me nuts. It used to only happen when I put a hood on or cupped the mics of the audio processor but now it's happening at random times when different ambient noises are occurring. 

Additionally, I feel like my audiologist isn't well versed in MedEl programming (she called the MedEl hotline for help during my last visit). Is there a way to get support to ensure that I'm getting the best programming?

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@SSD Doug

Are you using Sonnet2 EAS?

The only time I have heard about feedback issues is when using an EAS which has a hearing aid and earmold component.  CIs (not EAS) do not have that issue with hoods.

Med-El has an in house audiology team that supports our audiologists.  Likely who your audiologist reached out to by phone.  They also have regional Med-El audiologists who support our audiologists.  These are called CAMs (clinical account managers).  They can join in our appt at our audiologist’s request.

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Hi there, i have sonnet 2 eas and have not had feedback or whistling. I wear hoodies all the time and yess when wind is blowing i get LOUD noise but its not a whistle but could be if my hearing was like yours. Some audi settings for wind noise might be needed. Since i have no controls for sensitivity and such i sometimes have to cup the device with my hand to get out of the wind.

Since you are in early days get a small notebook and make notes to tell your audi.

Some audiologists are still learning, i didnt have medel input until my last visit, and the cam made good suggestions!! Medel is constantly improving and volume of implants are skyrocketing! I think the programming software for audiologists is changing and improving. Gosh if i was younger i would go to audi school today!!! How fascinating!!

Take care and have fun!

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