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Join Our Virtual Voices & Band!

MED-EL Moderator

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Do you love music?

No matter if you are a singer, a musician, or just love to sing along with the radio, we want you in MED-EL's Virtual Voices & Band.

What is it? We’ll feature singing and instrument-playing hearing implant users from all over the world in one video. The video will be published at Sound Sensation—an online music festival celebrating hearing implant users—this October.

Sign up now to take part. You will receive an email with instructions and a link to upload your video.

If you have already signed up or uploaded your video, please share the link with other hearing implant users. Every voice and every instrument is welcome – no matter if you are a MED-EL recipient or if you use another hearing implant brand. Let’s create a true sound sensation! 

Looking forward to your videos!

Your MED-EL team

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