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Med-El US and Med-El Global links to support

Mary Beth

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In the past few years both Med-El Global and Med-El US have greatly expanded their online support for candidates, recently activated and CI users.  I created a pdf with links to some of my favorite supports.  I will upload the file as a pdf and post a screenshot of it below.  I hope it is helpful.

I am so happy these supports are available now.

Click on the pic to zoom in.

Click on the pdf to view/download.


Med-El helpful links.pdf

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@Heather W

check out the pdf above.  Follow the link for recently activated- Med-El Mondays After Activation Basics and register for the free meeting.  It will help you become more comfortable with all the items in your kit.

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Check out the pdf above and go to the link for Med-El Mondays Topics.  There you will find an AudioLink meeting.  Free but registration is required.  They will show you how to use AudioLink as a remote mic (1:1) and as a table top mic for small groups.


And if you also follow the link in that pdf for one-on-one virtual meetings,  you can ask for help with telecoil.

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