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Locate misplaced Rondo 3 Processor


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Hi Everyone,

I recently met one parent of a 4 year kid of Rondo 3 recipient who asked me one difficult question which I couldn't have answer to. My audiologist set us up for a meeting as she too doesn't have the answer and thought I might help. 

So the question is about how she can find the Rondo 3 which her kid could misplace somewhere in the house. She told me that once her kid has put the processor in the cupboard drawer and she has searched it in whole house as well as surrounding in desperation.

I told her there is an option in Audio link 2 App where we can see the location of processor but it's just a google map and we can't find the exact location of the same from there especially in above mentioned case. So just wanted to know if there is any way we can play a sound or something like we can do for mobile. 

Thanks in advance.

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That is a great suggestion for @MED-EL Moderator to help parents locate a lost processor.  But when the battery dies in the Rondo 3, it would not work.

There is no easy way to locate a lost processor or a processor hidden by a child.  For such a young child, it may be best to secure the Rondo3 in a way the child can not remove it from their body.  Parents have found various retention options helpful in addition to the ones offered by Med-El .  Skull caps, headbands, tether and clips, retention clips to hair, etc.

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@Mary Beth Yeah She already is using the clips and tie it to the kid's cloth but the clip was removed by the child in the mentioned case above. 😛

And yes since the Rondo 3 can't be switched off by a young kid as it requires to apply good enough pressure to shut it down and given once charged it will atleast last a whole day, I guess if there is some option in App using which we can play a sound in processor then it will be of great help for parents of the kids recipients and some times to Adult recipients as well. 😂 

Will wait for @MED-EL Moderatorif they have any answer or if they knew the team is working on any such feature 😛.

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Hello Jimit, thanks for your message and your feedback regarding different search functions of your audio processor.
There is the option to use the nearfield search as shown here: 

This works when the audio processor is still on and flight mode is not activated.
We will forward your idea with the sound search to our experts for future improvements.

Kind regards,

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