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Sound Sensation Ask the Experts

Mary Beth

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I saw @Jimit in this live session today.  What information did you find interesting Jimit!

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Thanks @Mary Beth, The session is really informative. The way experts explain how the electrodes simulate the whole cochlea is interesting. I did know about it but haven't seen all the videos and know the details so it's really helpful. Apart from that the demonstration on how the music sounds when the some of the frequency bands are not simulating and when all frequency bands are simulating is also fascinating. I can indeed distinguish between the two sounds with and without and that felt good. 

Also, thanks to your question, it's good to know our implant is supposed to be last a lifetime. :) Good to know they have people having 25 years of implant and all the processors till now are backward compatible.

Lastly, It's good to play around Meludia. The exercises are really helping with understanding the sound especially music better. I know they haven't given free subscription to US, Cananda and Japan but if anyone have questions or know more about it, I will be happy to share my experience.

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