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Hello from North Carolina, USA


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Greetings from Rod Early.  I leave near Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

I received bilateral cochlear implants in October (right) and December (left) 2015.  MedEl Synchrony for the implants themselves, and using the Sonnet and Rondo processors.  I was hearing impaired since birth or early childhood and had worn hearing aids since I was 3.

CI has been an excellent experience for me.  I hear much better with CI over HA.  My listening comprehension in a noise-free environment has risen from 40% to nearly 100%.  In 5dB noise (heavy noise) my comprehension improved from 3% to about 45%.

The ENT surgeon Dr. Harold Pillsbury and the audiologists (primarily Andrea Bucker who works with me but really all of them) and the staff have been great!  They gave me the best care and the best "customer service".  They are part of the medical center / medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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Hello!  It's always wonderful to hear of the success stories of cochlear implants!  I, too, have had hearing problems for the majority of my life.  I was born deaf in my right ear, and noticed hearing loss in my left ear when I was about 12 years old.  I had my right ear implanted in January of 2015 and my left ear implanted in June of this year.  It has been quite an experience filled with happy Wow! moments!

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welcome to hearpeers. Wow you are doing very well with your implants! Please let us know how things are going. 

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