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Sonnet waterwear failure


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Hi, my name is Patricio and I am the father of a 7 y/o bilaterally implanted girl named Olivia.

She loves water and as we are now (December 31) in summer, we have tried the new waterwear for sonnet 2 .

These new waterwears seems to be different from the 1st version ones of waterwear, as the package says they can be used up to 20 times each waterwear.

The thing is that it had happened twice that after she wears them in the pool, there is some water getting into the waterwear. Thankfully, the processors are ok, but it is very disappointing that this happens. I am not sure if Ican keep using them.

Please I would love any other experience you can share with water wear for sonnet or even some tips and tricks that you might have.

Thank you!!! 👍🤩☺️



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Sorry to read about that.  It would make me worried too.

I only use Rondos in waterwear because the waterwear cover is form fitting on the Rondos so I do not have any experience with Sonnets in waterwear.

Let’s tag @MED-EL Moderator to see if they have suggestions.

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Hi @Patricio, thanks for sharing your experiences. We've sent you a private message to learn more and help resolve this issue.

Kind regards,


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