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Cataract surgery and CIs


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@Joan and I posted our experiences with cataract surgery here

just click on the arrow top right


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Marybeth and Joan

thanks for that information. I had no idea about the water issue and now will check with the doctor. He knows I have a CI but never mentioned the water issue. 

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I had cornea surgery last month on both eyes.  The day after tomorrow I have a follow up appointment to discuss upcoming cataract surgeries.  Please explain the usage of water during the cataract surgeries, and any questions that I should ask during the appointment.  I wear two Sonnet 2s.  Thanks very much.  

@JohnLgood luck with your surgery.

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I must admit I don’t know how the water was used because the anesthesia they give makes you able to hear instructions but you forget what happened!  I told my ophthalmologist that I wore a CI and all the nurses that were attending. They said not to worry. I also wore a water wear on my sonnet just to be sure. I had no issue whatsoever. Good luck with your surgery  

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